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Oradea (Hungarian: Nagyvárad) is the capital city of Bihor County, in the Western part of Romania. It dates back to a small 10th century castle, while its bishopric was founded during the 11th century by King Ladislaus I of Hungary. The first documented mention of its name was in 1113 under the Latin name Varadinum. The city was part of Hungary till the end of World War I. when despite its huge Hungarian majority, Oradea (and the whole Transilvania) was given to the Kingdom of Romania.

The city has a population of 206,614 as of the 2002 census having a Romanian majority and a significant Hungarian minority. It is situated on the floodplain and on the terraces situated down the river Crişul Repede (Hungarian: Sebes Körös). The city is famous for its thermal springs and beautiful secession architecture.

The road E60 which connects Vienna and the Black Sea runs across Oradea. This road links the town with lots of important cities like Budapest (250 km), Cluj-Napoca (150 km), Tîrgu-Mureș (250 km), Brașov (400 km), Bucharest (595 km).

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Oradea today

Old Oradea